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Land Owners and Farmers

Landowners now have the chance to diversify their business by providing Biodiversity Net Gain land to developers who cannot meet their BNG commitments on their development site.

We work with many landowners and rural enterprises in our planning practice  and this new policy for developers provides farmers with a significant new income stream for a low investment.

If you are a landowner with woodland and/or grassland, it could be potentially eligible for use for offsetting. Biodiversity Net Gain can greatly benefit landowners in that it offers scope for landowners to secure measurable gains by undertaking a simple planting and 30 management plan.


Not only are there profitable benefits to this, but it also means that you retain your land, you can still farm your land, and it will mean you have played an important role in helping to protect, restore and enhance biodiversity in your area.

Sites with a low ecological value – such as arable sites or grassland with low species diversity – and those that offer some strategic potential in terms of how the land aligns with other existing habitats.

The scheme requires a minimum land size of 20ha and no existing schemes that could cause conflict in the agreement.


Most importantly, we are looking for landowners who have the right mindset and are interested in operating this as a diversification on their farm.

AGM will look after your commitments at every step of the way and ensure a friendly and stress free process.

We are also happy to provide references from our lovely farming clients, who will be able to reassure you of the smooth process and the management required to ensure the land commitments  to BNG are met.

Please do contact us for further information.

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