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Ecology Services

We have extensive experience completing metrics for a wide range of developments and are well acquainted with the pitfalls and opportunities they create. Our Ecologists can work with your landscaping teams to maximise the value achieved by your project and minimise or eliminate the need for additional compensation wherever possible.

As BNG experts, we can help you to understand the scope of your site, and conduct initial habitat surveys including preliminary ecological appraisals and ecological impact assessments to help you to identify the best way forward. We can also identify suitable sites for biodiversity offsetting if net gain isn’t entirely achievable onsite.


We’ll work to find you the most efficient solution and liaise with planning authorities, estate owners and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

We can also undertake all forms of ecological appraisals and work required for planning applications.

For further information please do contact us with an outline of your requirements.

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