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Biodiversity Net Gain

From August 2023 it will be a legal requirement that developers in the UK actively demonstrate that any new project will boost the biodiversity value of their site by at least 10% (with some local authorities already having already adopted the policy some seeking up to 20% or more). Developers are required to protect any existing habitats and ecosystems found on their chosen site as much as possible. This will become even more important due to the newest legislation that was passed in the Environment Act of 2021.


Understand the existing habitats and wildlife on your land or brownfield prior to completing planning applications


Ensuring the best outcome for your development in line with minimum biodiversity requirements 


Creating habitat management plans for land owners and farmers that work in accordance with regulations  


Comprehensive ecological service ranging from basic scoping to detailed impact assessments and plans

Agricultural Fields

Biodiversity offsetting is a vital component of any new developments that have a detrimental impact on the wider environment. At BNG Offset, we work with you to define biodiversity offsetting and provide guidance for landowners and developers to help secure planning permission.

This biodiversity net gain is often achieved by following the mitigation hierarchy, and biodiversity offsetting is an excellent solution that may minimise the delays and costly setbacks that would occur if your planning permission were denied. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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